Which Baths are Turkish Baths in Budapest?

Turkish Baths in Budapest are not really similar to modern-day Turkish baths in Turkey, where going to a bath is apparently more about sitting in the steam on huge marble slabs, getting a strong and determined male massage, and buckets of water and bubble baths.

Turkish Baths Budapest: Kiraly Baths

Turkish Baths Budapest: Kiraly Baths

Turkish Baths in Budapest Hungary are more water-based (steam too, but water baths get more emphasis). Due to the beautiful playful lights coming through the 16th century roof structures and cupolas, taking a Turkish bath in Budapest is also a nice historical journey. Count with separate male and female bathing times.

Turkish baths in Budapest, the City of Spas (dating back to about 1550-1600s) are as follows:

If you are interested in the history of Turkish Baths in Hungary, we recommend Turkish Baths in Budapest: Kiraly, Racz, Rudas Furdo.

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Last update: May, 2018

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