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One of the most central squares in Budapest called Ferenciek Tere Square is under construction in 2013.

When will they finish the reconstruction of Ferenciek Tere Budapest?

The massive reconstruction of Ferenciek Tere Square and March 15 Square in Budapest is from October 2012 to the spring of 2014. Please bear in mind that the construction works will affect the traffic to the following Budapest attractions and places of interest:

Ferenciek Tere Square Budapest after Reconstruction 2014

Ferenciek Tere Square Budapest after Reconstruction 2014

Thanks to the new developments, there will be on the surface zebra crossings to make the square more pedestrian friendly and allow for a smoother traffic with pushchairs and wheel chairs too. But there will be more good news, all we need is a little patience. Also, there will be more spacious, newly covered pavements, squares, new route for the frequent buses along Kossuth Street and Rakoczy Way, etc.