House of Terror Museum – Budapest Historical Attractions

House of Terror Museum in Budapest is definitely one of the most visited museums in Hungary by tourists and locals alike.

The exhibitions in the museum try to show how Hungarians endured the terror regimes of Nazis and Communists. “You will have to brace yourself before going into this historical building. Also bring your reading glasses; all of the information in English is on copious sheets of paper in each room.” (Frommer’s)

House of Terror - Torture Room - Budapest Andrassy 60

House of Terror – Torture Room – Budapest Andrassy 60

The building (an innocent looking and beautiful 19th century building) itself used to be the headquarters of both Fascist and Communist Secret Police, i.e. the centre for torturing, executing, filing data of observation, etc., now turned into a ‘monument to the memory of those held captive, tortured and killed in this building’ (

You can take a virtual tour by taking a look at some of the amazing collection, including original torture rooms and prisons in the basement, equipment for observation, collection of posters, etc. on the official site gallery.

Address of the House of Terror

60 Andrassy ut Budapest (Andrassy Avenue is the big road leading to the Heroes Square in Budapest).

Children in the Holocaust / House of Terror in Budapest Hungary

Children in the Holocaust temp exhibition / House of Terror in Budapest Hungary

How to get to the House of Terror Museum?
It is very easy to get to the museum by the M1 metro (this is the millennial mini metro, also known as the Yellow line. Get off the M1 metro at Vorosmarty utca stop, not at Vorosmarty ter).

You can also take the tram number 4 or 6, which is running along the big ring road from the Margaret Bridge to the Petofi Bridge, touching Nyugati Train Station, Oktogon (get off here), Blaha Square.

Opening hours of the House of Terror Museum

Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00 (Monday closed, as most museums in Budapest, Hungary). Please note that the cashier closes at 5:30pm (half an hour before closing time).

Opening hours on Hungarian National Holidays:

  • on historical holidays the House of Terror Museum is open, i.e. on March 15, August 20, October 23
  • on religious and miscellaneous holidays, the museum is closed: Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 26, Dec 31, Jan 1

Tickets to the House of Terror Museum

  • Entrance fee to permanent exhibition:

adult full price tickets:  HUF 2,000
discount ticket for under 26 & over 62 year old visitors: HUF 1,000

Reviews of the House of Terror, Budapest

House of Terror museum reviews: what do fellow tourists say?

Summary: Most tourists find the House of Terror unique, audiovisually strong and memorable, however, some tourists found that information is presented poorly in English. It may be worth getting the audio guide. Another complaint is that there are limited options for taking photos (only a small portion of the museum can be photoghraphed)

“The museum is very stylish and follows a less is more approach, so there are not many physical exhibits to look at, and lighting and music is used to create a foreboding atmosphere. There are lots of innovative multimedia set pieces, such as the wood paneled room with videos of people talking about their experiences in the gulags, which becomes a train carriage carrying you to a gulag, with the televisions acting as windows on the train.” (excerpt from tourist feedback on TripAdvisor)

“I really loved this museum, probably the best I have been to. It’s very interactive and has a lot of information. I am a big fan of audio guides but I don’t recommend getting one for this semester because it is costly, the sound effects of the museum are loud (in a good way) and in each room they have a sheet in Hungarian and English of all the information about the room.” (excerpt from tourist feedback on TripAdvisor)

“The museum is very well organized – starting from the top floor, each room has a specific subject and the exhibition is set in a way that one room follows the order, so you can’t miss something…. The only problem is that the explanations of the objects shown and several quotes in the walls are written in Hungarian only, so if you don’t have a friend or the audiobook, may be a bit painful.” (excerpt from tourist feedback on TripAdvisor)

Secret police equipment / House of Terror, Budapest

Secret police equipment / House of Terror, Budapest

“visually the individual rooms exhibits have a huge impact. Good use of tv displays, artefacts etc etc… There are leaflets in English in each area, but English labeling is fairly woefull throughout – and we seemed to be permanently wandering round in the wrong direction and trying to work out the correct route around (we may well have missed things – we dont know) so directions could be better !). On a plus side there is a really nice cafe !” (excerpt from tourist feedback on TripAdvisor)

“I would have to agree that I found the House of Terror to be its most significant museum. Actually Budapest is not much of a museum town and I found more of interest walking the streets or exploring the neighborhoods.” (tourist feedback on Fodor’s)

“This is one of the best museums I have been too – whoever curated the exhibitions should win an award. … not a good idea for people with small children, some of the pictures and movie footage is extremely graphic.” (excerpt from tourist feedback on TripAdvisor)

“I actually watched people walk in and just point and laugh at the “cute dolls” (mannequins dressed in various Communist garb), who didn’t bother to read the placards and just sped through in 20 minutes. However, once you start reading (or if you have any prior knowledge of the history of the country) you realize the full gravity of what you’re seeing – and the illusion of kitsch fades rapidly. I really feel like it was one of the most valuable experiences I had on my trip. It made me appreciate a lot.” (tourist feedback on Fodor’s)

“The Museum of Terror is particularly chilling account of Hungary’s more brutal past. Its a genuinely fascinating place to a visit, if a little macabre.” (tourist feedback on Fodor’s)

“Down below are located the numerous cells which housed prisoners, many of who were executed. There are two floors and the basement, but one can only take photos on the first floor” (excerpt from tourist feedback on TripAdvisor)

Items in the era of dictatorship / House of Terror, Budapest

Items in the era of dictatorship / House of Terror, Budapest

“We heard stories and saw pictures of unimaginable misdeeds that happened in the very building in which we stood. The aura in the building alone was enough to chill one to the bone. In need of a lifting of spirits we sought out one of the public baths for which Hungary is renowned.” (travel blogger – Patrick and Katrina do the globe)

“It’s quite moving to see the attrocities people were subjected to to just live their life. And definitely rent the audio guide.” (tourist feedback on Fodor’s)


Last updated: November, 2012