Top Museums in Budapest

Many tourists these days feel too overwhelmed by museums and seek other types of sights to see, but if you like museums, you will definitely like the museums of the Hungarian capital, many of which are amongst the top Budapest attractions.

Budapest Museums

Budapest has several excellent museums, a handful of which is a must see. In addition, some of the museums in Budapest are interesting specialty museums, which may appeal to you with their quirky uniqueness. Let’s take a look at the must see Budapest museums, highly rated by tourists from all over the world and much valued by locals.

Top Budapest Museums

The House of Terror is by far the most popular (historical) museum based on tourist ratings and reviews (average rate is about 4.5 out of 5 and the museum is regularly reviewed by many tourists). The museum lets you delve into the hellish pits of the Communist and Nazi regime. Rather than a dry documentary approach, the House of Terror has an intense artistic atmosphere, which somehow helps making the truths of the unacceptable past digestible. A must see Budapest museum for anyone interested in history. Unique post cold war museum, unparalleled in the former Soviet bloc.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest is definitely the best art museums in Hungary, so a must see Budapest museum for art lovers. Did you know that the Museum of Fine Arts has the second largest Spanish collection outside Spain?

Statue Park – Memento Statue Park, Budapest is an absolutely unique open-air museum / statue gallery of monumental Communist memorials, statues and relics. It is the only post communist ‘art museum’ in the world. Mind you, tourist reviews are very varied (some are raving, others disappointed). But those who love history, Orwell’s 1984, and would like to feel a bit of communism on their skin, Statue Park is a must feel place.

Ludwig Museum, Budapest – contemporary art fans will greatly enjoy the collections and exhibitions of Ludwig Museum.