How Much are Budapest Bath Entrance Fees?

Budapest Baths – the prices of tickets range from about 12 Euros to 22 Euros (16-28 USD) – in 2018. When choosing a thermal bath in Budapest, however, do not just rely on prices, but also on the character of the bath. Some are like a palace (Szechenyi Bath, Gellert Spa Bath), others are like a time travel to medieval times (Kiraly Bath, Rudas Bath), and some are more modern and contemporary, like Aquaworld Water theme park with its amazing slides. In summer time, some of the open air baths are also open, in big green parks (e.g. Palatinus Bath, Dagaly Bath).

Szechenyi Spa Baths Budapest

Szechenyi Spa Baths Budapest

The cheaper baths in Budapest are Kiraly Bath, Veli Bej Bath and Dandar Bath, the more expensive ones are Gellert Bath and Szechenyi Bath, while Lukacs Bath, Rudas Bath, Palatinus Bath and Dagaly Bath are mid range prices. Note: bath party tickets are not the same as daytime bath tickets

Bath Prices – Ticket Price System

Most Budapest Baths have a special ticket price system depending on the number of hours you stay at the baths (daily or half day), the time of the day (morning or afternoon), whether it’s a weekday or a weekend day, and the preferred way of storing your items (locker or cabin).

For instance, you will pay more for a cabin than a locker, weekends are slightly more expensive than weekdays, morning tickets (between 6am and 8 am) cost a bit more than afternoon tickets, etc. And another factor for calculating the price of the bath ticket is if you want to use the spa/thermal bath and/or the swimming pool. So it’s not a simple system, but hopefully flexible enough for you to pick the right combination. 🙂

Bath Prices Budapest 2018

Budapest Lukacs Furdo

Budapest Lukacs Furdo

Let’s see some of the 2018 prices for a (weekend) full admission to give some ideas about the various fees at Budapest baths:

  • Szechenyi Baths (mixed baths): Full entrance fee for a daily stay is approx. 20 Euros (with cabin). For both the baths and the pool. Online tickets to Szechenyi Baths can be booked here.
  • Rudas Baths (mixed baths, Turkish bath): Full entrance fee for the thermal bath is approx. 16 Euros (with cabin, at the weekend).
  • Gellert Baths (mixed baths): Full entrance fee approx. 15 euros HUF (with locker) or approx. 21 Euros (with cabin).
  • Lukacs Baths: Full entrance fee approx. 14 Euros (with cabin) or 12 (with locker). For both spa baths and pools.
  • Kiraly Baths: Full entrance fee approx. 11 Euros (with cabin, all week the same price). There are  only thermal spa baths, no pools.

Note: Hungary is not part of the Euro zone, you can pay at the thermal baths, waterparks, pools in Hungarian Forints.

So these are the admission fees for Saturdays and Sundays with a cabin use, which means that if you go on a weekday and are happy with a locker, you will pay less. Nevertheless, the price comparison list above helps you to get a rough idea about which Budapest baths are cheaper and which are more expensive.

As you will notice, Gellert Spa Bath is the most expensive amongst the thermal baths (and probably the most beautiful, but not so well rated), while Lukacs Bath and Kiraly Bath are on the cheaper end of the thermal bath admission fee range. The cheapest Budapest spa bath for a combined bath and pool ticket would be Lukacs (no wonder this is the most popular bath among Hungarians). Although most tourists go to either Szechenyi Baths or Gellert Baths, the best rated baths are Szechenyi Spa Bath and Rudas Spa Bath.

More Budapest Spa FAQ:

Last update: May, 2018
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