St Gellert Monument on Budapest Gellert Hill

St Gellert Monument in the side of the picturesque Gellert Hill, Budapest, is an impressive statue of Szt Gellért, the first Hungarian bishop, and the master of the first Hungarian king, St Stephen (as in the St Stephen Basilica). The St Gellert monument consists of a soaring statue of the bishop and the waterfalls underneath – looking over the white Elisabeth Bridge (viewed from the Pest side).

St Gellert Monument, Gellert Hill Budapest

St Gellert Monument, Gellert Hill Budapest – Gerrit Labrijn Photography

You can easily walk up the stairs leading to the monument and take some panoramic photos.

Gellert (Gerard) was an Italian missionary who was to convert the native Hungarians into Christians. However, in the 10th – 11th century there were many Hungarians who resisted the new faith. St Gellert was killed by pagan Hungarians: the bishop was hurled to his death in a spiked barrel in 1046 from the Gellert Hill (supposedly, the monument marks the spots of the brutal execution).

Entry to St Gellert Monument: free of charge

Opening Hours: 24 / 7 from Monday to Sunday

Getting there:

On foot: walk through Elisabeth Bridge (nice walk over the Danube, but the car traffic can be noisy)

Bus: you can take the Bus 7 from Ferenciek Square (or from Liberty Bridge) for 1 stop (get off on the other side of the bridge)

Tram: take tram 18 or 19 along the river Danube on the Buda side