Anecdotes about the Chain Bridge

You will sound like and insider if you know the following Budapester urban legends/ anecdotes about the Chain Bridge in Budapest.

The lions at the abutments of the Chain Bridge have no tongues. Realizing this, the sculptor of the lions (Janos Marschalko) committed suicide. Another version of the story (from 1897) goes that the sculptor made a bet with the doubters and proved them that from a certain angle one cannot see the tongue of the lion at all. He took the betters to the Zoo in Budapest, and he showed them the lions. He won the bet and lived a happy long life.

Inspired by the legend, there are many kids who will check if the lions have tongue or not. Do they? See for yourself. (Mind you, the police will not let you.)


If it’s raining the Chain Bridge is towed under the Tunnel. Another joke/ legend by the citizens of Budapest is that the Tunnel was built so that the metal Chain Bridge could be protected from the corrosive effect of the rain. It makes sense if you are standing on the bridge and facing the Tunnel under the Castle Hill. 🙂