Bridges in Budapest

Bridges in Budapest are playing an important role as the river Danube divides the city of 2 million people into two big parts, Buda and Pest.

Bridges in Budapest

Bridges in Budapest (photo by THEfunkyman)

The most central and romantic bridges are the Chain Bridge (Lanchid), the Liberty Bridge (Szabadsaghid) and the Margaret Bridge (Margithid).

Bridges in Budapest:

  • Chain Bridge, Budapest (Lanchid)
  • Liberty Bridge (Szabadsag-hid)
  • Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsebet-hid)
  • Margaret Bridge (Margithid)
  • Rakoczi Bridge (former Lagymanyosi Bridge)
  • Arpad Bridge (Arpad hid) – ath the northern tip of the Margaret Island, close to the Sziget Festival venue
  • Megyeri Bridge

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