Miksa Roth Memorial House

Art Nouveau Glass Work, Budapest

Miksa Róth Memorial House

Miksa Roth was an Imperial and Royal court glass stainer artist in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Memorial House of Miksa Roth Art Nouveau (and later Art Deco) glass painter showcases beautiful painted glasses, Art Nouveau glass mosaics made by the master and his 15 art assistants as well as the actual home of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass master.

Works of Miksa Roth in Hungary and the World

Miksa Roth Painted Glass - Art Nouveau Budapest

Miksa Roth Painted Glass (PAX, detail) – Art Nouveau Budapest (photo by Blue Indri)

Miksa Roth made the painted glasses of the Hungarian Parliament building in 1896, the mosaic pictures on the sidewalls of the St Stephen Basilica, and the mosaic on the ground floor of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music (Franz Liszt Music Academy) to mention but a (very) few of his Hungarian works.

He won a silver medal at the Paris World Exhibition, 1900, and 2 years later, in 1902, at the Turin World Exhibition and in 1904 at the St. Louis World Exhibition (USA) he was awarded Grand Prix.

His glass works include international pieces, like the glass dome of 1500 square feet of the Teatro National in Mexico, the decorative glasses of the Hugh Brown Villa in Boston, the painted glasses in the Fageborg church in Oslo, Norway, in the Royal Palace of the Netherlands, and in the Saint Michael Church of Kosice, Slovakia.

Art Nouveau Glass Museum

Miksa Roth Memorial House, this lovely little specialty museum is in fact a 3 bedroom apartment: the former home of Miksa Roth. The permanent exhibition of the museum consists of some of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco painted glasses and glass mosaics of Miksa Roth as well as the original furniture, carpets and antiquities. It might be interesting to see how an Art Nouveau artist lived in the decades of Art Nouveau and, after that, Art Deco.

There are some temp exhibitions too. It is indeed a small museum, recommended for Art Nouveau enthusiasts, interior designers, and those who love beauty, especially in stunning glass works, windows and doors.

Opening hours & Address

Miksa Roth Memorial House Budapest - Art Nouveau Glass Door and Window

Miksa Roth Memorial House Budapest

The Miksa Roth Memorial House is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 2 pm to 6 pm all year round, except in August (closed in August, and on Mondays).


The address of the Memorial House is 26 Nefelejcs street, Budapest 7th district (District VII), 1078.

How to get there:

You can easily get to the memorial house by taking the M2 red metro line to Keleti Train Station (or the number 7 bus), and walk about 10 minutes on Nefelejcs (ne-fell-eyt-sh) street up to 26.

Here is a fan made slide show on youtube on Miksa Roth’s Art Nouveau painted glass works: