Capital Circus of Budapest

Budapest Circus

Budapest Circus

The Capital Circus of Budapest is the only stone circus in Central Europe located in one of Budapest’s biggest park, Varosliget (City Park). Due to its independence from the weather, the Cirkus is open to the public all year-round.

The show includes artists, clowns, animal performances and much more.

With a capacity of 1450 people, the well- known circus is a popular place in Budapest, the building has hosted a lot of events in various kinds (fashion shows, concerts, etc). The circus lines up circus artists from all over the word.

The Capital Circus of Budapest originally opened in 1889, it has changed locations since then. The original dismantable circus was made in Germany and it had a capacity of 3000 guests. The circus was very modern and impressive back then, the constructor has taken care of the details.

The whole structure has been made from forged iron to avoid fire and it had a lot of exits for emergencies. Under the guest’s seats, there were dressing rooms for the artists.

The original circus inventory reveals that there was a 2 meter wide and 3-meter deep pool, under the riding hall, where they could present the water pantomimes show with fireworks, fountains, and electric lighting in 1891.

Budapest Circus

Budapest Circus

Usually, the circus has a morning (11 am), afternoon (3 pm) and an evening (7 pm) show. However, these times may vary, so please check the program online or pop by and pre-book your tickets.

The  Capital Circus of Budapest is in one of Budapest’s biggers park, Varosliget, just opposite Szechenyi Spa Baths. The Museum of Fine Arts and Vajdahunyad Castle are very close to the Circus.

Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 12a, 1146 Hungary