Fun Attractions in Budapest

To have fun in Budapest is not so difficult. There are so many places to see and experiences to enjoy, and some of them are hard not to have fun at. Funny things are especially helpful if the weather in Budapest is not as favourable as you expected, on a rainy summer day or a gloomy off season holiday, indoor fun activities can be a life saver. For having fun with kids in Budapest, please take a look at our children guide.

Szechenyi Bath Fun Attractions Budapest

Szechenyi Bath Fun Attractions Budapest – Aaron Butler Photography

So let’s see some of the top fun attractions – indoor and outdoor – and lively things to do in Budapest that will hopefully cheer you up and make your stay memorable in Hungary:

Fun Baths & Bath Parties Budapest

Submerge in the thermal waters in Szechenyi Baths to enjoy the underwater jets, aqua massage, whirlpool. Szechenyi Bath massage treatments are very relaxing, as are the warm mineral waters. Sounds too relaxed? Have fun at a bath party: Magic Bath Parties or Szecska Parties make the Saturdays in Budapest especially unique. Another option is to visit Rudas Baths (for a Turkish bath experience) or the beautiful Gellert Baths.

Wine Tasting Budapest

Faust Wine Cellar, Budapest

Faust Wine Cellar, Budapest (photo by Zlatko Unger)

Drink the best wines in Hungary (according to wine regions) in Faust Wine Cellar on the Castle Hill, Budapest, or go on a Budapest Wine Tour: what makes it fun? Great wines, great sommelier, great value for money, and did I mention great Hungarian wines?

Many tourists are surprised to drink such excellent wines yet miss Hungarian wines from the shop shelves. While marketing is not the strength of Hungarian winemakers, making wines is.

Old Labyrinth, New Labyrinth Budapest

Go through the Labyrinth under the Castle Hill, Budapest (sorry, but the labyrinth was closed permanently, and then re-opened with a totally different concept, which gets quite low rates on avarage). While the old labyrinth was fun, artsy with its wine drinking well and exhibits, the current Labyrinth is a poor replacement, managed by a different company with a less well thought out concept. The only thing that will make you feel excited is you yourself. If you have some funny people to scare each other, the labyrinth will be fun, otherwise, skip it.

Funicular Cable Car Buda Castle Hill

Fun in Budapest with the Funicular / Siklo

Fun in Budapest with the Funicular (Siklo) – photo by Matteo Dudek

For a vehicle fun, you can take a ride in the Funicular Railway

What makes it fun?

It’s a short and comfortable ride from the Chain Bridge to the Buda Castle hilltop  in a quirky little 19th century cable car. Plus you can enjoy the view over the beautiful Pest side.

What makes it less fun?

The long queues, and the literally short ride. Please note that some tourists found the Funicular too expensive for a short fun ride, which we understand. But we also know that it takes some money to keep historical vehicles running and maintained.

The Funicular ticket is not part of the Budapest Card or the Budapest travel pass. So if you are on a tight budget, or the lines are too long on a hot day, you may skip the cable car, and seek more fun on the Castle hill.

Budapest Boat Party

Budapest Boat Party

Budapest Boat Party

Take a fun booze cruise on the river Danube in Budapest: Budapest Boat Party is a light, not too wild booze cruise for the young and carefree to warm up for

Budapest party life. The booze cruise is only on certain days, sailing out at 11 pm at night for a 1.5 hour night boat ride.

At the end of the boat party, do not lose your impetus or stamina: you will be taken to keep clubbing in one of the hip riverside bars in Budapest.

Fun Train Ride: Budapest Children’s Railway

Budapest Children’s Railway is not only for children or train enthusiasts.

Children's Railway Budapest

Children’s Railway Budapest

If you like nature, history, fun vehicles, or wish to take a romantic ride away from the crowds, the nostalgia trains provide a good day trip excuse on a fine day.

Take a ride in the Children’s Railway Budapest: what makes it fun? The ex-pioneer railway and still pioneer style children who run the railway (the engine driver is an adult though) and the refreshing green of the woods on the Buda Hills where the trains run through. You can also buy some memorabilia on the train.

At some of the train stops, you can have more fun: eat well on Normafa Hill, take the Libego chair lift on Janos Hill, climb to the top of the historical lookout tower (Erzsebet lookout tower) over the Buda hills and Budapest, etc.

Fun Ride on the Four Wheeler Bikes

Bike Cart on Margaret Island - BringoHinto, Budapest

Bike Cart on Margaret Island – BringoHinto, Budapest (photo by Richard Kaehler)

Take a ride on a Bike Cart on the Margaret Island: lovely four wheeled, pedal powered little cycle carts for 2 and for 4 people (looks like the Communist version of a golf cart).

Pedal, and take a look around the best big park of Budapest, the Margaret Island. Fun, romantic, team building and relaxing. Or quite the contrary, speed up and hold on tight!

More fun on the island: Palatinus bath and water park in summer time, cold refreshments in Holdudvar Bar (summer only), Pet Zoo on the island (summer only), hide and seek in the convent ruins

Budapest Segway Tours

Sightseeing on a Segway in Budapest? Segwaying is a cool experience in itself, and segwaying in a fascinating city is even better.

Segway Tours in Budapest

Segway Tours in Budapest (photo by jophan)

2.5-3 hour Segway tours, lots of fun and great guided tours in Budapest (also in the evenings and in winter time).

The tours are not cheap, but are definitely fun.

The Segway tours include a short training for first time Segway users.

The prices are varying, depending on the seasons (approx. 48 euros per person)

Budapest Beer Bike, Cruise & Festivals

Get on the BeerBike in Budapest. Speaks for itself. Beer and Bike combined in a pedalled cart.

Couldn’t be more fun than being challenged. No worries, there is a sober driver to keep you going safely.

Beer Cruise Budapest: enjoy 3 nice beers aboard a sightseeing cruise ship.

Beer Bike Budapest

Beer Bike Budapest

If your better half is not a beer person, there are also cocktails on the ship. Cruise tickets include either 3 beers or 2 cocktails.

Water Park Budapest

The only official water park of the city of Budapest is Aquaworld, a beautiful water park with lots of fun slides and pools for all ages.

Some of the baths like Palatinus Bath on Margaret Island also have some slides, but none is so professional as Aquaworld. Enjoy the slides and pools of Aqua World, Budapest

What makes it less fun?

It is quite away from the city center of Budapest, approx. 40 min ride with a bus from Heroes’ Square Budapest.

Aqua World Budapest

Aqua World Budapest

Are you pining for a good party? Try Budapest Bath Parties – bath (Lukacs Baths, Szechenyi Baths, etc.), shows, dance and music with loads of audiovisual effects for the young crowds

Cinetrip Budapest

Sparty Budapest

Go to a horse race at Kincsem Park, close to the Keleti Railway Station if you feel lucky. Both trotting and flat racing. On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve going to the Kincsem horse race park in Budapest is absolutely one of the top 3 programmes for locals.

Horse Race at Kincsem Park, Budapest

Horse Race at Kincsem Park, Budapest (photo by Janos Baroczi)