Cafe, Restaurant – Palace of Arts (MUPA) Budapest

Dining at the Palace of Arts, MUPA Budapest: Foods, Drinks, Snacks

There are several places where you can eat and drink at MUPA:

Bohemian Restaurant, MUPA: open from Monday to Friday, from 12 am (noon) to 10 pm. In addition to fine dining, you can also rub shoulders with famous actors, soloists and composers.

Bohemian Restaurant - Budapest Palace of Arts - MUPA

Bohemian Restaurant - Budapest Palace of Arts - MUPA

 P’Art Coffee House, MUPA: open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, the terrace tables overlooking the River Danube are a great place to unwind, surf the Internet and meet friends.

Snacks Buffet Carts, MUPA:  the refreshments are provided in the ground floor foyer and by mobile snack carts on the upper floors before performances, and during intervals. These offer a variety of drinks, coffee and traditional Viennese pretzels.


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