Operas in Budapest

You can enjoy operas in Budapest in various venues, although the primary location is the Budapest Opera House on Andrassy Avenue (see its location on our Budapest Tourist Map here).

Opera Venues in Budapest

MET Operas at Urania Film Theatre - Uránia Cinema Budapest

MET Operas at Urania Film Theatre – Uránia Cinema Budapest

Operas are mostly given in the Opera House in Budapest (from late September to late June), almost every day. Nevertheless, there are some other places, which also offer opera performances. Further venues might be a good option during the summer vacation, out of the opera season, when there is nothing on at the Budapest Opera House (except for guided tours).

Operas at the Palace of Arts, Budapest

In addition to the Opera House, you can check the upcoming events of the Palace of Arts, a fantastic cultural complex including concert halls, the contemporary Ludwig Museum, etc. For instance in 2012, there are high quality Wagner Opera weeks in June at the Palace of Arts, Budapest. See the current opera programmes of the Palace of Arts (or MUPA for short) on their official website.

Operas at the Urania National Film Theatre

Budapest Urania is more than a film theatre, it is not merely a cinema and definitely not a multiplex movie. Urania is in fact like a beautiful 19th century concert hall (indeed it is and was). The amazing film theatre is running its Urania Opera summer where you can enjoy live screenings of New York MET operas. You can see some photos of the Urania National Film Theatre here.

Operas at the Budapest Summer Festival

In summer time when the Budapest Opera House is closed, you can also visit the Budapest Summer Festival on the Margaret Island. There are very few opera evenings, and the operas are not necessarily like the operas and the acoustics at the Opera House, but the lovely natural surroundings are really nice on the Margit island. The programs change year by year (e.g.  you can see Turandot, or a brand new Hungarian historical opera entitled Bathory  etc.

Budapest Operetta & Musical Theatre

Budapest Operetta Theatre Inside

Budapest Operetta Theatre Inside

Some who like opera might also appreciate operettas (some don’t, sorry). The Budapest Operetta Theatre shows operettas and musicals with English subtitles. The operetta and musical performances are very popular amongst locals. The building of the Operetta Theatre is very close to the Opera House in Budapest.

Opera Restaurants Budapest

Belcanto Opera restaurant in Budapest used to be one of the popular Budapest restaurants. Belcanto Restaurant closed down by 2012. The elegant restaurant was located by the Opera House with Hungarian and International cuisine. What the restaurant was famous for is that every evening at 8 pm, the waiters would sing opera arias in addition to serving the dinners (more fun than art). 3 courses at the opera restaurant cost approx. HUF 5,000. Please check a few minutes of such an opera evening in this video.


Last updated: July, 2013