Budapest the City of Spa Baths?

Believe it or not, Budapest itself has more than 10 baths, while the tiny country of Hungary has about 1300 spa springs and approximately 130 spa baths nationwide. What is more, Budapest was literally and officially chosen as the City of Baths (“City of Spas”) in 1937 at the first World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy conference by 37 countries. FEMTEC is still active, and its very first president was a Hungarian (Jozsef Ferenc).

 Szechenyi Thermal Bath Budapest

Szechenyi Thermal Bath Budapest

Out of the ten baths in Budapest, some are from the Turkish times going back to the 16th century. Medieval Turkish baths are wet baths with pools, which are still functional today, in Rudas Baths with separate men and women days, in Kiraly Baths with unisex pools.

However, the most popular baths are co-ed: Szechenyi Baths, Gellert Spa can be visited by male and female bathers, including teens, as the wave baths or whirlpools are usually quite enjoyable for children (recommended for over 14 years old).
Young people do not only visit Szechenyi Bath for splish-splashing in the thermal pools with great healing qualities, but also for special night parties, called Szecska Bath Sparties.
In short, all the baths in Budapest have different characteristics and clientele – but one thing is common: going to baths is very very popular amongst Hungarians and tourists alike.
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Gellert Bath Budapest Thermal Pools

Gellert Bath Budapest – DDanzig Photography