Budapest Margaret Island’s New Music Fountain

Budapest Margaret Island’s New Music Fountain

The new Music Fountain on Margaret Island, the lovely recreational park in the city of Budapest has been opened to the public recently, not long after the complete isolation of the island during the Danube flooding

The Music Fountain performs its music from May 1 to October 31 (spring, summer and autumn) in Budapest’s landscaped park, the Margaret Island. It is free to enter the park and enjoy some nice picnic while listening to the tunes of the Music Fountain. The choreographed music and water show features 25 meter high water jets.

Margaret Island Restored Music Fountain

Margaret Island New Music Fountain

The planned music program of the New Fountain on Margaret Island includes classical music pieces (Verdi, Brahms, etc.), and light music greatest hits like Let Me Down Slow by the Rolling Stones, or Cecilia by Simon & Garfunkel, also featuring The Shadows, or Credence Clearwater Revival. So the playlist has definitely been updated too as the 50 year old list only contained classics.

The fountain in show – opened in June 2013 by the Hungarian President:

Margaret Island New Fountain Budapest Istvan Huszti

Margaret Island New Fountain Budapest Istvan Huszti

The Fountain is well worth a visit at night for its colorful water jets and nice playlist. Margaret Island is also visited for its popular bars, like the open air terraced bar called Holdudvar.

Margaret Island Fountain at Night

Margaret Island Fountain at Night – Mark Mervai Photography

There are many new development plans for Margaret Island, even and overall free wifi network and a horse drawn train route. But for now, we are just glad to have a pretty new fountain with great music. Grab some picnic foods and drinks in the biggest Budapest market hall, the Great Market Hall, and enjoy the pleasures of Margaret Island, the Palatinus, the petting Zoo, the run track etc.

Compared to the old Music Fountain on Margaret Island built half a century ago, the new fountain is bigger, features more advanced technology and has a new context built around it. This is a photo of the old Music Fountain:

Margaret Island Musical Fountain Budapest

Margaret Island Musical Fountain – Seth Chandler Photography


Does there is a show with lights and music of the Fountain on Margaret Island’s on sunday?


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