Baths in Budapest

Budapest Baths

There are more than 1000 thermal springs pouring out warm waters of medicinal qualities in Hungary.

Szechenyi Baths - outdoor pools

Szechenyi Baths – outdoor pools (photo by Mike – mikep)

The temperature of these spring waters is over 30 °C (86 °F), so Hungary is basically sitting on a vast cauldron. Out of the thousand spring wells more than a 100 is under the rocks of Budapest. And many of them are used for bathing, healing, relaxing, and partying!

No wonder, Budapest is often referred to as the Spa City. Moreover, the baths of Budapest are definitely amongst the top attractions in the capital of Hungary.

Spa Baths – Spa City

Szechenyi Baths, Gellert Baths and Rudas Baths are probably the most popular. “More than 30,000 cu metres or warm to scalding (21°C to 76°C) mineral water gush forth daily from 123 thermal springs. As a result the city is a major spa centre,” says Steve Fallon in the Budapest edition of Lonely Planet. Indeed, there are numerous good and great thermal baths combined with pools of various sizes and temperatures in the ‘Spa City’.

Bath Party - Cinetrip at Rudas Baths Budapest

Bath Party – Cinetrip at Rudas Baths Budapest

Budapest Baths: frequently asked questions

Get the most important info about the spa baths in Budapest through Budapest Baths FAQ (learn about which baths are the best, which of the spa baths are mixed, where the Turkish baths are, what the opening hours and entrance fees are, etc.).

Budapest Water Party: Water Circus Cinetrip

Baths are very much part of the local culture and have been for centuries. In the last few years even the younger generation has happily flocked to the warm waters of the thermal baths to dance, chat and have fun at night in the baths thanks to the new wave of spa parties – Cinetrip sparties – with mind-blowing audiovisual effects. Architecturally and historically, there are baths that were built in the 16th century, during the times of the Ottoman Turkish occupation and they are still functioning.

Budapest Baths from Roman times - Florian square Budapest

Budapest Baths from Roman times – Florian square Budapest

Romans – Baths – Pannonia

But, as you would expect, the Romans, those annoyingly inventive guys who seemed to have been seeing and doing all in Europe, also discovered the healing, relaxing power of the spa waters in the area now known as Budapest: in the 18th century, excavations found the ruins of military baths (Florian ter, Budapest). And there is one distinctive part of aquatic Budapest referred to as ‘Aquincum’ even today – the former principal city of the Roman province of Lower Pannonia from A.D. 107.

Top Budapest Baths

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