Bath Parties Budapest 2016 Bath Parties Budapest 2016 The bath party series is on in summer, autumn and winter months. Check out the venues, dates and tickets in Budapest! The River Danube in Budapest by Night Walk by the river, or get on a sightseeing boat or a dinner cruise to see the Danube sights as the night unfolds. The River Danube in Budapest by NightPlaces to Visit in May in Budapest Places to Visit in May in Budapest Enjoy the attractions and events of May in Budapest: great markets, street foods, spring attractions, shows, concerts, festivals. Margaret Island Budapest Margaret Island Budapest: the park with fun and relaxing things to do, in central Budapest, the middle of the Danube. Margaret Island BudapestBudapest Parliament Budapest Parliament Hungarian Parliament by the river Danube in downtown Budapest. Elegant architecture, lavish interior. Ruin Pubs in Budapest: Quirky, Artsy, Cool Bars Budapest is not only full of 19th century architecture with faded glory, but bars and pubs that make these spaces cool and throbbing with life. Have fun! Ruin Pubs in Budapest: Quirky, Artsy, Cool Bars
Tram 2 in Budapest: the most scenic streetcar in Europe Tram 2 in Budapest: the most scenic streetcar in Europe Tram 2 in Budapest: chosen as the Most Scenic Streetcar in Europe by the National Geographic magazine. Moyan Brenn Photography
Opera House in Budapest The Opera House in Budapest is a 19th century gem: rich decor, wonderful acoustics for the operas and ballets. Brandon Doran Photography Opera House in BudapestArt Nouveau in Budapest Art Nouveau in Budapest Budapest is rich in Art Nouveau buildings, and architectural details. Many of its Art Nouveau beauty is a hidden gem. Francisco Gonzalez Photography. Rudas Bath - Turkish Baths in Budapest Rudas Baths & Pool has been recently restored - one of the gems in Budapest from the 16th century. A historical Turkish bath with modern facilities. (Shailesh Ladwa Photography) Rudas Bath - Turkish Baths in BudapestPlaces to Visit in September in Budapest Places to Visit in September in Budapest Places and Attractions with special things to do, festivals and events in September in Budapest. March Festivals & Things to Do in Budapest March is looking ahead to spring revival in Budapest: see upcoming festivals and things to do in the city. March Festivals & Things to Do in BudapestBudapest Christmas Markets Budapest Christmas Markets Budapest Christmas Markets: enjoy the charming Christmas markets in Budapest with a mug of mulled wine, some cinnamon roll, and lots of music.

Budapest Attractions

Budapest is packed with exciting and beautiful attractions. For first time Budapest visitors, we recommend our Top Ten Budapest Attractions guide, which includes the must see sights in the city of Budapest, all of which can be visited in a 3 day Budapest holiday. In addition to the the top 10 attractions, there are lots of hidden gems in Budapest, historical buildings, quirky churches, funky bars, romantic sights.

The Hungarian Parliament by the river Danube, Budapest - photo Vincent Buchoux

Hungarian Parliament by Danube – Vincent Buchoux Photography

Even for a week or more, there is a lot to see in Budapest, the cosmopolitan hub of Central Eastern Europe.

Budapest the City

Budapest is not a fully elegant or hygienically clean and bottomed up place. This beautiful city is still dusting off its Communist past,  reviving its faded glory in the 1890s, and adding funky, Bohemian places.

There are several nicknames that are stuck to Budapest, and each one of them gives a hint at the major pulling forces of the city, which makes many foreigners come back repeatedly, or even just move to Budapest and enjoy an expat life.

Budapest the Two Cities

Budapest Ruin Bar Pubs

Budapest Ruin Bar Pubs – James Guppy Photography

Budapest is often called the Two Cities. Budapest is a city with two landscapes. Buda and Pest are indeed two cities. One half of the BudaPest shows hills, green slopes, historical castle, monuments, narrow streets, mother nature. History, woods, and wonderful festivals. This is, as you have guessed is the Buda side of the city.

The other half shows many elegant 19th century buildings, loads of bars, restaurants, busy life, shopping and running, chatting, laughs, business.

Budapest Central Market Hall (Vasarcsarnok)

Budapest Central Market Hall (Vasarcsarnok) – photo by John W Schulze

This is Pest (say Pesht). Pest is for entertainment, career, planning and building. Pest is more restless, always on the run, and ready to explore. With one exception: away from the bustling life on the Pest side, the green oasis is the City Park and its numerous attractions.

Buda and Pest used to be two different cities. No wonder, there is a river between the two cities, the river Danube, which is quite wide.

Budapest Sunset over Danube River

Budapest Sunset Danube – Alex Talmaciu Photography

The first permanent bridge of the city, the Chain Bridge built in 1849, was the key to uniting the two beauties in the 1870s.

Budapest the Pearl of the Danube

Another nickname of the city is the Pearl of the Danube. Budapest has the most wonderful river city views, one of the most romantic riverfront in Europe, where even the river Danube and the Buda Castle are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Cruise Budapest to feel its wonderful riverfront atmosphere, the historical, elegant and glittering attractions.

Budapest the City of Baths & Spas

Gellert Bath Budapest Thermal Spa 1930

Gellert Bath Budapest Thermal Spa 1930

Budapest has a tremendously rich natural spring water reservoir, right under the city of Budapest, also under the Gellert Hill and the Buda Hill. The wells under the City Park supply water to the world famous Szechenyi Bath and the lesser known Dagaly Bath.

Budapest is indeed the City of Baths. There are about ten baths in Budapest which are outstanding. The top 3 baths are hard to choose, but our choice goes to Szechenyi Thermal Bath, Gellert Bath and Rudas Bath.

As the City of Baths, Budapest offers the most unique weekend parties in the city, and in Europe. If you love parties, do not miss out on the summer time Szechenyi Bath pool parties, or the winter time thermal Magic Bath parties in Lukacs Baths. The coolest parties of the year are the Cinetrip pool parties – both in Szechenyi Baths, including the NYE Budapest Bath Party!

Szechenyi Bath Sparty Budapest Cinetrip

Szechenyi Bath Sparty Budapest Cinetrip


I would like to receive some suggestions about things to do in a four-day stay in Budapest. I really love the place and I’d love to do as much as I can. I’m particularly interested in free tours ( even more if they are in Spanish). Anyhow, just a suggestion to make the most of four days would be more than great.
Thanks in advance!

Samantha Britton

Hi Please can you help me find a fun way of getting 40 people from a hotel to the Buda castle? Let me know if you have any ideas. They really want horse and carriage rides, but I know this may be difficult to get hold of. Thanks!

Hi Samantha, I think a fun vehicle to carry guests from the hotel up to the Buda Castle could be the small Tuk Tuk, or one of the old communist cars like a Communist minibus, or a smallish car called Trabant, the tiny car nicknamed “soap dish” officially known as Fiat, or even a strong bull like Kamaz.
Of course, there are horse and carriage vehicles available in Budapest even in the castle area but not for 40 people as fas as I know. Hope this helps.

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